Help Out with PCSWF Activities

If you'd like to get more involved in Club activities, there are several opportunities available.  Our President, Rich Benson ‘69 (cell: 847-732-3782) would welcome help on creating interesting program topics and venues for each season's programs.  You can also contact our Secretary, Van Williams '65 (cell: 908-803-7139) to learn about others ways you can help.  And there is always Schools Committee work to be done, as described below.  

Help Us Recruit the Best Applicants for Princeton

Our Alumni Schools Committee (ASC), chaired by Clay Brooker '91, serves two roles for the Princeton Club of Southwest Florida.

First, the ASC works closely with the University’s Admission Office to interview every high school senior in the Southwest Florida area who applies for admission to Princeton. The Admission Office deems these alumni interviews to be an integral part of the application process, and the ASC members volunteer their time to meet and speak with dozens of outstanding high school seniors every year.

Second, the ASC implements the Princeton Club of Southwest Florida’s Outstanding Junior Award Program.Each year, the ASC selects an outstanding junior from each of eight participating high schools in our region and awards them with a copy of "Princeton Impressions," an historical and pictorial review of the University and the surrounding town by Robert Gambee '64. The goal of the program is to generate interest in the University and encourage the outstanding juniors in the area to consider applying the following year for admission. The program is quite successful, as an average of over 50% of our junior award winners have subsequently applied to Princeton as seniors.

We are preparing to interview applicant’s for Princeton’s next class, and the ASC is anxious to hear from alumni who would like to help interview prospects. ASC work is a great way to assist the University, stay in touch with Princeton, and assure that Southwest Florida continues to send a strong, talented, enthusiastic, and diverse group off to Princeton. Interviews take place from December to March.

If you are interested, please contact Clay, for more information.

Committee Members 2018 – 2019

Justin Anderson '02
Paul Atkinson '74
Maria Batista '86
Peter Bewley '68
Clay Brooker '91, Chairman
Ben Brown '02
Ed Calkins '92
Dr. Jennifer Dounchis '90
Michelle Domres-Hon *76
Trey Farmer ‘93
Paul Flowerman '71
Vanessa Gomez '99
Fari Hamzei '78
Michael Havig '87
Richard Kirschner '87
Laertes Manuelidis '91
Paul Myerson '75
Dr. Ronald Riner '71
Bill Shafer '55
Ric Simonson '67
John Stang '59
Dr. Michael Tibbetts '04
Loo Yap *86